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AAS signifies hope, as the literal meaning of the word.

In the 21st century, dramatic changes are in progress in the field of healthcare in India, and we see the emergence of a highly organised healthcare system in the nation. Nowhere is the better manifest than in the national capital territory, where sweeping changes are taking place in the healthcare sector. We at AAS are proud to be a part of these revolutionary changes in healthcare, and we believe that healthcare should be comprehensive in all ways. In fact in one single sentence, I would simply describe us as a comprehensive healthcare provider system. We deal with prevention, management and rehabilitation, should sickness arise. But, to prevent sickness from arising in the first place, we also deal with awareness, education and training.

I feel that the government alone cannot take the responsibility for everything. As a highly educated and intellectual fraternity doctors too are answerable and must strive to create a quality based healthcare system. At AAS this is our vision and we have taken an initiative in this direction.

Around seventy five doctors from different specialities are associated with us. We have been serving fifteen medical setup in Delhi since our inception.

The spectrum of care that we provide varies from minimal illness to critical, life threatening illness.

Introduction of domiciliary care has given a new dimension of the healthcare to the society. Convenient and cost effective care at their doorstep has been greatly welcomed by the people.

basic life support training to all educated people is one of our dreams. We have already initiated a programme for this, and have got a very encouraging response.

Besides the enthusiasm of our members has triggered a series of teaching and training programmes for doctors and paramedics in form of CME's and workshops in North India.

Conducting health camps in Delhi and the NCR on a non profit basis is another venture of the organization.

Dr. Rajeev Saini

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