Chairman Message

I feel extremely delighted to announce the fifth annual general meeting of AAS Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. It takes me back to the great evening of May 25, 2007 when we observed a formal launch of the organization at the Indian Habitat Centre. the blessing of the Honourable Chief Minister, Smt Shiela Dixit encouraged the entire team on the occasion.

This journey of 6 years has been an incredible learning experience for all of us. So many expected and also unexpected challenges that we faced have groomed us to think differently and act differently. But we also realize that this is just the beginning. We visualize the trail ahead as a long path of commitment, in an innovative manner, in the healthcare system of India. We dream of creating history with our vision and effort. We know that this is not impossible, but are also familiar with the ground reality, namely that innovatoions take a little time to get going. I acknowledge the king support we have received in the last few years from the members of our fraternity and assure all our members that it is a great morale booster.

We wish tom keep getting the same support and encouragement from all of you.

Dr. Alok C. Johari

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